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Econext Lighting Technology LLC

Econext Lighting Technology is dedicated in develop lighting products and delivery optimized solutions to international market. We are an integrated engineering and manufacturing solution provider based in Minnesota, USA. We are specialized in electrical product development and manufacturing. We contract reliable OEM factories in China to produce high quality products for industry and consumer market.

At Econext Lighting, we are passionate about innovation. Our vertically integrated processes, from product development, manufacturing, international shipping and final delivery, enable us to deliver high effective solutions to our customers.

OEM Factory

For our electric bug zapping series products, we contract Zhongshan Protostar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd as our OEM manufacturer. Zhongshan Protostar, a leading manufacturer of electric bug zapping in China, manufactures about 3 million units of electric bug zappers a year for many international brands around the world. Zhongshan Protostar's facility is registered in with EPA (ESTABLISHEMENT# 94875-CHN-1, satisfy all US regulatory requirements for manufacturing electric bug zappers for the US market.

Zhongshan Protostar is located at the heart of the Pear River Delta, the center of global lighting products manufacturing. In decades of industrial development, the area has fostered a mature ecosystems for lighting technologies and products. There are countless factories of of various specialties, suppliers of wide range of parts and components and a large pool of engineers and skilled works, which allow fast turn over and very low manufacturing cost. The location is an important competitive advantage of Zhongshan Protostar.

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